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Facts About the NC Marriage Amendment (updated 5-16-12)

by Jim Edsall

On May 8, 2012, voters in North Carolina voted to adopt a Marriage Amendment to the state constitution, becoming the 31st state to adopt a marriage amendment. The potential legal effects of the amendment have been misrepresented by those who opposed it.  Opponents of the Continue reading

It’s All About Color, but it’s Not About Race

by Jim Edsall

According to recent polls, half of the American people believe that Barack Obama should not be given a second term as President, and it’s all about color but it’s not about race. In his 2008 campaign, Obama positioned himself as uniquely able to unite all Americans by respecting divergent viewpoints and working to achieve consensus. That message had particular appeal in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, which are not all Republican “red” or all Democrat “blue”. Many who voted for Obama were hoping for unifying, moderate, bi-partisan, purple governance. What they got was something else entirely.


With a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, the President Continue reading

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