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Facts Correcting Liberals’ Misconceptions

by Jim Edsall

MISCONCEPTION 1: Tax revenues are down because the rich don’t pay enough.

FACT: Tax revenues are down because 46% of Americans pay NO federal income tax

The biggest reason that government revenues are relatively low compared to GDP recently is NOT that the tax rate on the rich is “only” 35%. It is because Bush got so progressive with his tax cuts that 46% of Americans now pay NO federal income taxes:

Yes, all who are employed pay payroll taxes (“FICA” toward Medicare and Social Continue reading

Facts About the NC Marriage Amendment (updated 5-16-12)

by Jim Edsall

On May 8, 2012, voters in North Carolina voted to adopt a Marriage Amendment to the state constitution, becoming the 31st state to adopt a marriage amendment. The potential legal effects of the amendment have been misrepresented by those who opposed it.  Opponents of the Continue reading